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Meet the Press: His

The physician/scientist/husband (p/s/h) had a media messup earlier this month. An article he’d written covered the discovery of something newsworthy. The journal in which it was to be published, issued a press release on a Monday with an embargo until Thursday. I’m told that this is often what happens with some stories; the lead time permits reporters to do their homework in an effort to cover the “news” with accuracy and depth. The press office at the p/s/h’s place of work was contacted by the NYT, Time Magazine, Bloomberg, NBC, Reuters – you name it. Meanwhile, the news leaked. Most interviews with the good doctor were cancelled. The storm and fury and excitement over the news is that it was no longer news, it was on “the wire.”



Suffice it to say, this happened to the guy who, in general, doesn’t talk with the press. Maybe he’s shy. But this go ’round, he was excited. Whoever leaked the story did a disservice not only to themselves, as in, had they let the media do its job, the leaker likely would have received deeper coverage not to mention a loss for information’s sake.

The lesson is to decide in advance which media outlet should have the story. In the end, it’s all about trust and that’s what went awry. Carry on.