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Sounds of Silence. Summer out of the City.

Back in town after a few days north of the border where we collected the 14 year old from her summer camp experience. It was a beautiful day to drive South via Ithaca with a stop at Moosewood Café and quick tour of the University/College town and home of DT’s alma mater. I must say, for a place that is “gorges,” the trash cans are not abundant but neither is the trash (so something’s going right). I loved the crunchy nature of the place – strikingly white, however, or is it just me? After yesterday’s visit to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls where our foursome was clearly in the minority of nations represented, the whiteness of Ithaca was striking.

And speaking of another world, the husband/physician-scientist and I listened to Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss which was nothing less than incredibly depressing. But compelling and a good listen for hours on end, 800+ miles in five days) through beautiful rolling tree covered hills, lush farmland, alongside lakes and across rivers.

We reached 125th Street on the West Side early this evening when we heard our first car horn after days of silence. A traffic-light changed just seconds prior, make that split in the life of the hurried traveler. “Welcome to the City,” said the horn/husband. Sheesh.

And then, after class this eve, as I exited a cab, a car honked at a line of cars being blocked by a trash truck. Fortunately for me, the cabbie suggested I take my time. That was a gift. Honestly, deep breaths and remaining calm are what it will take for me to be back in this noisy metropolis where so many people are in perpetual motion. Where are they heading, why are they rushed? Give me strength. Give me silence. I can no longer hear the loons calling.

I love downtown, the place

but downtown, you are ok, too. Your writing makes me think. Makes me think about our roles in the world. I’m a mother, a partner/wife, a friend, an adventurer. Heading south in the city makes me feel wonderfully alive. I’ve felt that ever since we arrived in this gloomy dump almost 18 months ago. The promise I made to myself, this time last year, was that I wouldn’t spend a complete month of February in grey NYC again and no big surprise, here I am. However, the City is rich in so many ways, interesting people, non-stop activity and cupcakes galore.

We crossed the Park as a family today, between downpours, lunched at a little french place one block north of the “new” West side Magnolia Bakery. Yum. The ten year old introduced me to MB’s banana divine pudding. The rest of us indulged in cupcakes and caught a cab back to the east side. I told the family that I’d like to carry around a little address book to take note of the multitude of drivers that shuttle me around this town. I know, for certain, that I’ve been in at least one cabby’s car at least twice. i think it’d be a hoot to keep track. The family thinks I’m nuts…

And speaking of cabs, I learned this evening that the cab industry is an $11billion cash business, just like ice cream. Imagine that. ciao bella.