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Will the Groundhog see her Shadow?

Five bottles of red wine, three bottles of white, eight bottles of Pellegrino, four six packs of beer, one case of 8 oz. bottles of sprite, 12 eight ounce bottles of coke, 12 bottles of orangina and tap water sum up this evening’s super bowl consumption. The kids watched much of the game, lasted for Bruce Springsteen’s first seranade only to walk away and have their seats taken by their elders for “Glory Days.”

I’m consumed by the unemployment rate, having researched the Bureau of Labor Statistics for my business reporting class. The week ending January 30, 2009 saw a loss of 100,000 jobs and that’s after unemployment benefits reached 588,000 the previous week ending January 24, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Yikes.

On that note, I’ve been following Erica Smith’s blog, http://graphicdesignr.net/papercuts/ as she reports on layoffs in the newspaper industry. Smith is a graphic designer for the St. Louis Post Dispatch and she’s on to something. In researching unemployment, I found a few other job “trackers,” though I don’t know the veracity or objectivity of the tallys. There’s one for lawyers, an agrregator for all layoff related headlines. It’s daunting and I suspect this is but the tip of the unemployment tally iceberg.

And finally, the 11-year old and the physician/scientist/husband (mine, the boy’s dad) were playing catch in the Park today. The boy removed his jacket, placed it on a nearby bench. A few minutes into play, a woman sat down near the jacket and minutes later, she and the jacket were gone. Now, the guys didn’t see the woman take the coat. They searched high and low only to conclude she’d stolen it. My take: if the woman needs a lightweight jacket that badly, I hope it helps keep her warm. The husband’s take: it’s wrong and he doesn’t condone stealing. I don’t either but man, unless a person is in great despair, who removes a coat in broad daylight, practically right in front of you?

So this all brings me to Groundhog Day. I’m afraid much of our country is under a dark shadow that will take much more than a robust stimulus package to shine sunlight. Apologies for the doom and gloom but despite this evening’s jovial soiree held in conjunction with the superbowl, I’m afraid Glory Days are yet to come. This is just the beginning. The good news, according to legend, if the groundhog doesn’t see her shadow, there will be an early spring. Good news for whomever it is with the lightweight jacket.