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Oooo. Creepy Social Networking.

Hi Downtown,

Whereas yesterday my heart was warmed as I networked with a group of four or five unknowns with respect to working on a startup weekend, we shared common interests yet our strengths complimented each other, today I took a peak at my twitter followers and am feeling less cozy. A few new followers are downright spooky as in Breast Implants or Body Building. Suggestive selling, maybe? But still. I’m not sure I like having strangers know what I’m thinking or reading.

The cool thing about twitter is that the user can block the follower. In the case of the Body Building, he or she is already busted. I clicked through to see who was behind the thumbnail, this is what I got:

This account is suspended.

This account is currently suspended and is being investigated due to strange activity.

It is a weird world out there… stay safe. xoxo Uptown.