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SnOw-Bama 3 of 3

Central Park, New York, NY       January 20, 2009

Central Park, New York, NY January 20, 2009

A new day dawns as the sun sets over Central Park on the day the 44th President of the United States was sworn into office.

SnOw-Bama Part I


On a day filled with hope, frigid uptown temperatures allowed New Yorkers to shout out to President O in the snow.

What’s for Supper?

Hi snowy suburban friend,

After four inches of fluffy snow this morning, the central part of the city is super slushy. Spent the day uptown, crossing the Park three of four times by cab and the fourth on the cross-town bus. Intended to walk, boots and all, but ran short of time since I also had to visit the 10-year old’s school with boots for his after-school activity.

I’m “officially” consulting for the Center for Curatorial Leadership and the offices are on east 80th street one half block from Eli’s.

eli’sWowie. To think we’ve lived here for nearly 18 months without entering this fancy food emporium. (ok, I did once at some point in the time but it was a blur and I was distracted by and on a mission in search of decorative paper goods (which are in abundance). From the outside, the joint doesn’t look tremendously inviting. A passerby catches a glimpse of the flower “market” on the corner but continuing north on Third Ave, Eli’s café offers drab atmosphere but the food is grrrrrreat. And just north of that, enter THE market which is greater than great. Jars and foods are beautifully displayed floor to ceiling. I shopped in anticipation of the ten-year old and friends who were to come to the apartment after sledding in the Park. While an initial invite for hot chocolate was extended, I added gorgeous marshmallows, cheese puffs, veggie chicken soup and grilled cheese on brioche to the mix. And then I discovered the balls of pizza dough, uncooked chocolate chippers and oatmeal raisin cookies good for slicing and baking. Since it was snowy, the market wasn’t crowded, it was lots of fun simply looking at the displays.

As I waited in what was a three person check out line, I remembered my early years spent across town on the Upper West side. My parents loved Zabar’s where they’d pick up bagels and nova scotia salmon for weekend morning. The guys behind the counter were always a bit gruff with their New Yawk accents. The orange lettering of the Aabar’s logo remains the same on that side of town. Every now and then I wander into that location in the hope that I’ll find healthy dinner-fare to serve the family. Revisiting the folks’ past doesn’t make me feel as sad as it did initially upon our return. Instead, I’m slowly coming to recall the happy memories. In today’s food indulgence, I suspect the gratitude for the parents has to do with their sharing with me an appreciation of food, of good design, of color


By the way, I rarely find anything “healthy” to serve the family from Zabars (uws). It always strikes me as fatty, gross and no one ever eats the stuff anyway. The kids like Zabars egg salad and sliced mangos. Picky picky picky. Which brings me back to the eastside.

The boys opted out of sledding which meant that they stayed west for play ergo my second east-west-east trip. Guess what we’re having for dinner?