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The Bravo A-List Awards: A Less-Than D-List Event

So last week I took advantage of one of the MANY free events that occur daily in New York. I wrestled out of my work attire (jeans and a tee shirt) and dressed up all fun and “cable casuaI” (meaning just above jeans, just below high-fashion, but just cool enough & campy enough for a fake network awards show).

Yup, I attended the taping of Bravo TV’s A-List Awards as a member of the “casted audience.” I waited on line (and for my late-as-usual friend) for a hour to get inside. Finally, we were given orange wristbands and herded up to the balcony while those select few sitting below us had the benefit of an OPEN BAR! And, if you think that sucked, well you should have seen the show! This was the first (and hopefully last) time Bravo is taking a stab at an awards show. Unless they have some amazing Oscar-worthy editors, I doubt this program can be saved. The awards were too random — only six or seven were handed out — and in the words of host Kathy Griffin, “I’m the most A-List person they’ve got, how sad is that?” And, that statement (made at a Producer’s Guild talk the night before) was entirely true.

I watch my share of Bravo TV including, Project Runway, usually the second half of each Top Chef season the occasional Real Housewives of New York City (which, I swear was for work research) and of course, My Life on the D-List and the endless re-runs of Law & Order and I’m pretty good at following puzzles, connecting dots, etc, but even I had no idea what was going on. Not to mention WHO half the people there were (presenters and audience, alike). I think even an award recipient or two (hello, Anna Sui!) weren’t sure how they got there or why. But, the best part had to be watching Bravo’s president, Lauren Zalaznick spend the entire show with her head down, typing away on her Blackberry. I think she must have been starting the damage control early. If Bravo was smart enough, they would have scraped the show idea and spent the money towards added more episodes of their Emmy Award-winning show, My Life on the D-List.

— Downtown