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Holiday Swag and Re-Gifting

I’m not usually all about the holiday prezzies. I love giving them, but since I’m not a big fan of surprises, I don’t really like receiving them. Every year I get this and this from my crazy Jesus-loving relatives. And, while I can work the glitter crayons into one project or another, I still can’t seem to re-purpose the other gift.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is not my tree.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is not my tree.

This year, however, I got some very fun and shiny toys, including a gift certificate to take a class here and tickets to see Jane Fonda in this exciting play. My fancy Broadway friend gifted me one of her house seats to see her in this. Which, did you know Noel Coward wrote in FIVE DAYS? And, before its West End run, only ONE SENTENCE had to be changed? That’s my goal, write something in its entirety where an editor only needs to change one sentence (ed. note: I edited this post at least twice. Make that three times, once to add in this note).

Speaking of editors, my publishing friend gave me a beautiful hardbound copy of this book as well as Jane Eyre and Sense & Sensibility. I also got some of this, half of which I donated to here and here. And, I received one of these and as a result, donated the books I won’t be reading again to this lovely place.

I gifted myself this class, which a friend/class alumnae told me will result in: “Your brain is going to gently open up like a flower. And your pen is going to flow with milk and honey.” Hopefully, I’ll leave with enough skills to impart some wisdom to the young minds over here, where I’m super excited about volunteering, if I can sneak out of work in time for the training session.

So, while the gifts were fun, and perhaps gave me a new appreciation for surprises, it was the re-gifts that truly made me the happiest.

Here’s to a great New Year filled with LOTS of re-gifting, beyond the holiday season.