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Pope Prep

Can’t help but get sucked into the neighborhood excitement preparations over the imminent visit of His Holiness. In fact, I wish I had a tool to track his travels, sort of like Doppler radar for the Pope or the way that new stations track Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.

The NO PARKING signs are being put in place along the UES, police barricades, both blue saw horses and metal barriers are being set out as I type. As best I could tell, there’s little action on Fifth Avenue (compared to Monday’s spotting by this UT girl of the “pope advance team” with their heads tilted toward the heavens). That is, no bleachers, no barricades BUT there are pennants hanging from street lamps. For four blocks, I noticed Con Edison vans doing work at numbered street intersections, maybe that has to do with the underground safety precautions??? I didn’t ask.

The last time I recall a Pope in my midst was during my college days, Jean Paul, toured the US. I remember seeing his white robes, golden halo like aura (really) around his head and his silly pope mobile and all the talk about it. I didn’t see the pontiff first hand, only via national news. This time, I’ll be out there watching him ride by. Speaking of which, I ask the family members last night over dinner if any one would care to join me? Answer: a resounding no. I’ll take notes and pics.