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New York Moments

This is one of those posts where I’ll admit nothing much as happened outside of work and sleep. Between the day job and looming writing deadlines, I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment (though THRILLED the money’s coming in and making its way into my savings account). But, I have managed to sneak some fun in.

Last week found me at a book party hosted by the son of the 99th richest person in the world. The book party was for a client of mine and I was thrilled at the opportunity to toast her writing semple-cover-image-w-text2achievement on this coast. I didn’t actually think I’d know anyone at the party, but ended up knowing a bunch of film/television people, writers and even the bartender! The brownstone was, of course, awesome, but it was the artwork and photography that really thrilled me. From Brillo Boxes and an Elvis Warhol (or is that Warhol Elvis?) to Maira Kalman, Karl Lagerfeld and Man Ray, Weegee, Diane Arbus and Elizabeth Peyton. Gorgeous stuff, thoughtfully placed and still managed to make the place feel like a home and not a gallery of over-sized fancy art. A fun night with an eclectic group of uptowners, downtowners and Aspen-ers.

Today was a little more low-key as I headed up to B’way and 95th to check out a friend’s newly purchased apartment, a beautiful penthouse with terraces and tons of light. We spent the afternoon105753 making a late breakfast and catching up, while her boyfriend played DJ for us with his iPod. Then, I headed down to the Lincoln Center area to cash in a gift card for a massage (lovely!) After an hour of total bliss, I was asked if I wanted a courtesy shampoo and blow dry in their new salon. Umm, YES, please! As I headed out of the spa and to the subway, a light snow began to fall and for a single moment, I felt completely calm and at peace and simply happy to be exactly where I was. All of the chaos of New York fell away … until an Evangelical Christian and his associate interrupted my moment and attempted to preach “the word of God” to me. From bliss to religious salvation in less than a block. Only in New York.

Now back to the grind.