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Sultry Summer in the City

Hi DT,

Spent yesterday morning in your part of town. It was a mom-day whereby I delivered the 10-year old golfer to his last day of golf camp at Chelsea Piers and headed to Pastis for a leisurely bowl of DEE-licious, creamy, rich (implied by previous descriptor) oatmeal with, get this, cooked bananas sliced lengthwise, adding dimension and more texture to my bowl. Think bananas sautéed in butter with honey and maybe a bit of brown sugar. Yummy.

I read the entire New York Times, it’s almost as thick as the Sunday paper, replete with travel, arts & leisure, business and so much more. The Metro Section is my favorite as of late and every Friday I continue to enjoy the back page of the Weekend Arts section, “Spare Time” with its listings of weekend highlights. So much goes on in this wild town and now that I’m developing the reporter’s eye, I so enjoy reading and trying to get a grasp on what’s happening throughout the City.

One of the most intriguing stories in the paper today was by Clyde Haberman. “Who Wants to Relive that 70s Show?” It’s a Showtime series about Studio 54 with NYC as the backdrop (no joke). This ought to be good and offer a glimmer into the City of my 70s childhood. The cable show will shed light on the City to which my father traveled daily, my mother visited weekly and I had the privilege to observe monthly.
En route to breakfast, I spotted a gathering of eight to ten traffic control people, most of whom were beginning their work day. One guy stepped into the intersection at 15th Street and Tenth Avenue only to yell at a woman in a silver Lexus Hybrid SUV, “Move over here.” No action on her part. “Hey,” traffic control guy yelled to Lexus Lady. “Move over. Can’t you see this is an empty lane?” Lexus Lady was turning north from 15th Street onto Eleventh Avenue and the traffic was in a tizzy.

I crossed the street, making my way to 9th Avenue, passed a police officer wandering toward the traffic controllers. “What’s happening?” I inquired of the officer. “Oh, some crane thing. They are installing a crane or something,” he said.

The crane “thing” is a big deal these days. As best I could tell, the crane was already in its place along Tenth Avenue. We, New Yorkers, recently learned that the City’s top crane inspector was charged for taking bribes to falsify inspection reports and then there was the story about the 14 out of 21 crane operators who obtained licenses despite failing their test but most importantly, the crane “thing” comes after fatal accidents on March 15 and May 30, 2008. Watch where you walk.

But, I digress. So there was Pastis, the crane/traffic excitement followed by a walk up Broadway with brief shop-stops along the way. The 14-year old is at sleep-away camp and given her request that I send a sweatshirt and leggings from her closet, I popped into Free People, the newest incarnation of the Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie family of stores. There’s another one in the works, Terrain, that caters to outdoorsy men and women… not sure this will catch on in the sophisticated, “fashion-forward” city in which we live.

As our friend from the Met’s Costume Council might say, “save those clothes for the mountains.”

Rather than walk the 40 plus blocks north on this sultry summer day as I’d originally intended, I hopped on the R train at 23rd street. Sat down and mulled over the morning.

While it’s nearly two years since we arrived from our beloved West Coast, I’ve got street-side entertainment everywhere I turn, Central Park to soothe my soul, and I confess, I still get a kick out of looking up at the Empire State Building looming majestically over the City. Seeing it in the distance orients me more times than not.

Earlier in the day, I’d admired the 102-story art deco skyscraper from Union Square. I saw her midday as I exited the R train across at Fifth Avenue, kiddy-corner to The Plaza. It’s crazy to think that I live the life that I do. But believe it I do and most of the time, it’s good. All of the time, I am grateful.

Can’t wait to see you next week.
It’s been a long time since the two towns got together.
Meanwhile, the ten-year old and I are hoofing it to New Jersey today to gather school supplies and button down school shirts. xo