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C U Next Tuesday, Jane


So everyone is talking about Jane Fonda’s slip up on the Today Show, but they’re all forgetting about the fine line between art and a foul mouth. Jane was frank, and called a monologue by its proper name. She wasn’t using the word in reference to another woman. NBC is freaking out, but what’s the big deal?

A similar thing happened at CBS, only it didn’t occur in front of millions of viewers. It happened over the phone, between two women: a boss and an employee. When said incident was reported by the employee, CBS HR didn’t blink an eye.

Which leaves me with these questions: What happened to feminism and camaraderie among women in the work place? It no longer exists — did it ever?

Before going freelance, every time I interviewed for a job I’d always get a sinking feeling when learning the boss would be a female. I hated that feeling and it led me to a theory: Perhaps women today are creating a glass ceiling for their fellow female competitors. A whole “me first,” cut-throat environment where women are stomping (or shall I say, strutting) right over each other in their sky-high stilettos. Maybe Mike Nichols & Kevin Wade weren’t that far off in Working Girl. Maybe we haven’t made it any farther than the teased hair and shoulder pads of the ’80s.

We women have to have clubs and organizations to find mentors, appreciation/respect, our own networking groups and a place to learn entrepreneurship. Men don’t need these clubs, all they need is a sport to use as their networking tool. A competitive drive comes naturally, but with that also comes respect and an organically-grown mentorship. I doubt you’d ever hear a man screaming to a male employee (or even a female employee for that matter) over the phone on a Labor Day weekend Sunday, after an 80-hour work week: “You cunt! You’d better fucking be in the office tomorrow even if you’re not being paid for it.”

And what did said employee say to the female boss after such a remark? “I quit.”