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Dog Days of December

It’s been said that the hardest shoes to repair are the ones eaten by dogs. img_3034That is according to my local repairman, Joe, grandson of Jim of Jim’s Shoe Repair, East 59th between Madison and Park Avenues. I don’t know if he’s had to repair dog shoes but I saw a set of puppy paw coverups that take the cake. Picture this, a dog much like Maria Sharapova’s Pomeranian, Dolce, who is currently featured in television ads (actually, the tv canine may be a doggie stand in but nevermind). A diminutive soft white puff of fur, short legs, jump in her step. CUUUUTE. And on paws of the prancing pup with whom I crossed paths as she strut northward and I south on the east side of the Park yesterday morning, was a set of pink striped doggie adidas.

It was one of those moments when I wish I’d asked if I could snap a picture. I didn’t and now have regrets. I’ve searched the web for similar shoes to no avail and even attempted to find the little dog this morning to no avail. It was raining yesterday, drizzling today. However, on a park bench immediately outside the Central Park Zoo, I did stumble upon an applicable quote by Gertrude Stein (1874-1946).
After three days, the rain is FINALLY subsiding with a promise of clearer skies for the weekend. Truly welcome this time of year as the days turn to night by 3pm. Depressing is an understatement but in the end, it’s so relative. Especially when there are dandy dogs around town to admire. Woof.

That’s Lice

A late August visit to the salon was the bomb.

Fortunately for me, and for an anxious 14-year old just back from camp in Canada, LA based Hair Fairies has a New York outlet and they were able to schedule an appointment within an hour of my plea for help. Another enterprise, one that makes regular visits to the teen’s school for head checks, wasn’t able to confirm an appointment time when I called just before 9 a.m. today or again at 10. So, a googling I went to find the competition. And whew, Hair Fairies rose to the top of the list.

The morning after we arrived home, the early-to-rise glamour girl crawled into my bed, leaned her head against the fabric headboard and proceeded to watch videos on her laptop. I did my best to refrain from cringing over the prospect of little white bugs crawling from her head to my bed. I was touched, frankly, by her wanting to be with me after weeks apart. Besides, the worst thing I could do, I think, would be to show my anxiety and turn her away. If the bugs were in our house, they were in our house, my bed or not. Freaking out about the unknown wouldn’t serve me or my daughter.

I did know that there are professionals who can check and offset the problem. And while people do, it’s not necessary to throw out all of your furniture, stuffed animals, children’s toys and have every lick of clothing sent to the cleaners. You may, but there are cleaning techniques and even companies that will do the cleaning/delousing for you. The bugs can only live off the head for 24 to 48 hours. So remain calm.

My fairy princess sat in her barber shop throne while the dedicated technician, clad in royal blue scrubs, a navy blue bandana around her head and gold earrings with Timothy written in script from one end of the hoop to the other, manually checked the teen’s hair and scalp. She separated the strands, fine tooth combing section by section first dry, then wet, from top to bottom, under and over, in search of head lice. At each interval, dry, wet and a third looksee with nit zapping cream, V-Marie stated her findings or lack thereof. “Didn’t find anything yet,” she said.

Meanwhile, I checked out the salon scene. Hannah Montana played on a flat screen across the room, colorful kids playthings neatly arranged throughout included a kitchen corner, drawing table, game boy DS, a noticeable lack of fabric and teeny curly headed fairies hanging down from the tops of each of the four window frames overlooking Avenue of the Americas.

Other than stylist/technician, Marie, and the salon manager, my daughter and I were the only people in the shop. Good for the general public, I thought, not good for business.

And then, “Nothing,” said V-Marie with a smile. She completed the wet stage of her comb-through examination of the near waist-length Botticelli like curls of my growing girl.

And as to why head lice seem to have gone mainstream, ie fancy sleep away camps, private schools, kids, teens and adults get them, it’s anyone’s guess. Perhaps they’ve developed a resistance to the pesticides that people use to rid themselves of the white bugs and eggs. No matter, they exist and deal with the prospect we did.

Caring for her, about her, is as simple as saying it’s my job. I would do anything for my children. No matter what. The way a mom stands by her wretching child, holding her hair, gently stroking her back as she heaves into the toilet. Gross, yes, but of no import. What matters is trying to offer some sense of humility in an otherwise unpleasant time.

And so it was with the bugs. But unlike throw up or emotional pain, I called someone to our rescue and fortunately for this household, no bugs, no nits. Whew. A giant sigh of relief and once again, thanks to the hair fairies, the monsters step aside for the princess.

Rocky Mountain HI

Hey dt, we are out of town and this ut girl is happy. CO: land of warm days, cool nights + an odd mix of the haves and those who make it all possible. Holding off on the judgement, enjoying the chirp of a bird, fresh mountain air, splendid rocky mountain views and familiarity of a place we’ve been before. I love the quiet lack of sirens and hours long trash pick up EVERY night. No complaints from this end. Peace.

Miss Popularity

Given that this day is about bringing my dysfunctional sibs to the table, I was inspired by today’s Daily OM to express the following:

Oh, to be loved. If only I’d learned such a thing as a kid. Instead, I took care of my parents whose shortcomings and lack of confidence put them in a position to live the lives as pretenders. Rather than accept who they were, love who they were and BE who they were, they aimed to live in a town where they were NOT welcome and that was after this UT girl was rejected as a City girl from one of this City’s prestigious ALL-girl independent schools. Please note, first rejection on record.

Granted NYC in the 1960’s was not much to write home about if you aimed to be part of an establishment to which you were not born. S and S were NOT of the City but rather Long Island (one of the Five Towns) and the north shore of Chicago. Their “privileged” upbringing(s) means that they were educated as in the case of the Long Islander, a first generation American, and the North Shore Suburbanite, a fifth generation American. The New Yorker was raised by a nanny, the MidWesterner wasn’t. In coming of age, having met while they were both in graduate school in “Cambridge,” yes, Cambridge, MA, they moved to NYC together and set out to create a life together on the Upper West Side. I suspect that had they been true to themselves, they might not have moved out of the City or perhaps moved to Brooklyn or MAYBE Scarsdale, where “people like them” were welcome. Where a blonde hair blue eyed daughter might have accepted her heritage and NOT aimed to be like the blue blooded Wasps with whom she played. But then, a kid is a kid and at a certain juncture, all she wants to do is “fit in.” Which is precisely what happened to S & S. They wanted to fit in. BUT had they embraced their inner selves, they might have found a community where they could BE themselves and not TRY to be something they weren’t.

Despite my rant, I understand that as parents, they did the best they could. Now that they are no longer here, and believe me, I miss them dearly despite their shortcomings, it is incumbent upon me to accept myself for who I am, from whence I’ve come and to do my best to encourage my children to like love themselves and just be the best they can be, whatever their aspirations, now and in the future.

April 19, 2008
Easy Attraction
Libra Daily Horoscope

You are likely attracting a great deal of attention and praise from your loved ones and peers today, so you may feel more charming than usual. A sense that you are captivating others with your wit or wisdom can inspire curiosity within you, prompting you to question the origin of your new magnetism. You may discover that the answer is simple and lies in your smile, your laughter, and your openness. As you express your amiability and generous spirit, you will likely find that you never want for company and are bombarded with friendly overtures from individuals who are cheerful and buoyant. If you allow your natural ebullience to shine forth today, you will unconsciously invite good people into your life.

And with that, i have to say, it’s good to be loved but most important is to love yourself. And since I turned 40, I’m doing a fairly good job. There’s one problem though, I’m getting a bit frustrated over the ideas I generate and inability to be monetarily compensated. As the husband tells me, it’s all in the execution. So, on to execution…

peace, love and executionally yours,