Sunday Afternoon in the Park with

“Red flags indicate that the lawns are closed due to inclement weather or maintenance work. When the grass is wet, it is more susceptible to damage.” That’s what a sign reads…

I LOVE Central Park and am grateful to the Central Park Conservancy and the Parks Department for all that they do to keep the Park in good order but Sunday’s Sheep Meadow closure, ok, after nearly a week’s worth of rain, if my memory serves me correctly, was enough to send me back to the burning hills of CA. The 15 year old and I set out to read al fresco and this is what we found:
Sheep Meadow Closed due to inclement weather

According to the Central Park website, “The Sheep Meadow is meticulously cared for by the parks department and rigid rules enforced to ensure that it doesn’t suffer the decline caused by overuse. On a crowded weekend afternoon as many as 30,000 visitors may arrive to enjoy the tree ringed expanse and it is only by careful management that meadow can be preserved.”IMG00241-20090830-1732

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