Uptown Out of Town: Denver

Some people might think that Denver is a cowtown. scottish-angus-cows-by-dan-ostermillerI think otherwise. The physician/scientist/husband asked me to join him for dinner on Saturday night as he was being feted with a lot of other people at the 100th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Cancer Researchers. So away I went for a brief visit to the wild west.

My reason for going was two-fold; to support my husband and to find out if a 150-year legacy of a newspaper can reinvent itself online.

Despite our arrival in the midst of a heavy downpour following the previous day’s spring snowstorm, we had fun exploring the City by foot. Highlights included viewing lower downtown’s buildings from the late 1800s/early 1900s, Sunday breakfast at Dixon’s and a walk around the Capitol building at the south end of the business district. We wandered past the Denver News Agency and Denver Post headquarters, through a public park around the Denver Art Museum with it’s 2006 addition by Daniel Libeskind. It was fun to discover the architecture of the Public Library designed by Michael Graves. Everything about downtown struck me as that of a city that cares about its public places.

Photo by John Boak

Photo by John Boak

I mentioned the Denver Newspaper Association (DNA). Less than two months ago, The Rocky Mountain News printed its last edition on February 27, 2009. Denver is now part of an increasing number of cities that offer but one newspaper.

A group of 30+ Rocky staffers have stuck by their brand and with the financial support of three backers, they are in the midst of building an online media outlet, INDenverTimes, in an effort to preserve “the voice of The Rocky.”

Colorado State Flower

Colorado State Flower

Coincidence or not, today is the 10th anniversary of the “Columbine”shootings. The prize winning Denver publication was awarded a Pulitzer for its photographs documenting two teenage gunmen of their schoolmates. Speaks to just one element of the significance of local reporters… and photographers.

Rest in Peace.

3 responses to “Uptown Out of Town: Denver

  1. The photo of mine you used was shot from a balcony at the offices of the now-dead Rocky Mountain News. Construction photos are viewable at http://www.cubistro.com/ham/libeskind7.html

    I lived both uptown and downtown in Manhattan in the sixties.

    • Uptown/Downtown

      hello John Boak. Thank you for the comment, thank you for the image and the link. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a Colorado fan. But just a second, did you work for the “now-dead” Rocky? Are you following the 30+ staffers who are trying to revive the 150-year old legacy INDenverTimes? Any opinion on that front?

  2. I took the photo while visiting a friend who was then employed by the Denver Post, Stephen Keating (http://twitter.com/keatingmedia). I have not been reading INDenverTimes, as I still read 2 newspapers per day. My Rocky subscription has become the Denver Post, and I still read the Wall Street Journal, too.

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