Voicemail For Dummies


Here’s a quick lesson in why one should always check voicemail. My post-B’way show backstage invite was cancelled when it was thought VIP political guests were coming to the show this evening. VIP political guests didn’t errr … show. My friend called me right before the curtain to tell me she put my name on a list for a backstage visit after. I never checked my vm. Just received an email from her asking where I was. One word to describe myself comes to mind: Dumbass.


4 responses to “Voicemail For Dummies

  1. Dear Dumbass,
    Don’t be so hard on yourself and you are NOT a dumbass. As fun as backstage might be, it won’t be your last invite and remember my mantra, time is a gift.

    Note to friend, don’t leave voice mail messages, no one checks their voice mail. Send text or email. We are constantly connected to our handhelds… xo

    • Great minds think alike! Only you cross posted it before I did…
      So, for good order, and for those that know me, I am loathe to check voicemail. email or text preferred.

      A good lesson for us all:

      Today’s NY Times, Fashion & Style
      You’ve Got Voice Mail, but Do You Care?
      Published: April 2, 2009
      In an age of instant information gratification, the burden of having to dial in to a mailbox, enter a passcode and sit through “um’s” and “ah’s” from unwanted callers can seem too much to bear.

  2. Uptown/Downtown

    Update from Uptown:
    Several weeks ago, I took the plunge. Our home voicemail message now requests callers NOT leave a message, “since we rarely check them.” Only a handful of “friends” have made disparaging comments. Truth be told, the light blinks to indicate someone may have left a message. In the rare case that someone doesn’t opt to send an email or text, we DO check the messages. It would be rude if we didn’t. Very truly yours. xoxo

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