This Post has Nothing to do with Anything

Sometimes, the internets (and friends) deliver exactly what you need, when you need it most. The below appeared in my inbox during a day week (this one) where I wasn’t feeling particularly awesome .

Dear [Downtown]

Q: How hard do you rock? How frequently?

A: Very hard. Very frequently.


2 responses to “This Post has Nothing to do with Anything

  1. dear dt, i take it you know sb? qui est-ce? or shall I say, qu’est-ce que c’est? Hope you are feeling better. It used to be when I felt blue, I’d rock out to the rolling stones or U2. that was in the days when i listened to music as I drove from point a to point b.
    there’s not a lot of music in my life. there are so many soundtracks in this ut/dt city of ours, i can’t take the noise. doesn’t mean i don’t sometimes feel blue. xo

  2. It was less about feeling blue and more about an exhausting week of dealing with egos larger than our (almost) $100 million budget — a very concentrated week, to say the least.

    And, sb is a person, who rocks way more than I do, but saw my rocking potential during a week where no one else really gave a shit.

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