92 Y Heads Downtown


Today I journeyed even further downtown to check out an event (18 Nights of Inspiration: Ira Glass talks to the cast of [Title of Show]) at the 92nd St Y’s new Tribeca branch (200 Hudson Street @ Canal). 92YTRI is an awesome space with a little cafe and a main stage area set up as a cabaret — complete with battery-operated candles on each table. Having opened a mere 2 1/2 weeks ago, the downtown staff at Tribeca seems to have it pretty together, and unlike most newly opened places, there wasn’t the sound of construction or the fumes from fresh paint lingering in the air. There’s even more to the space including a bar area, lounge, art gallery, and screening room, which I’m totally checking out when I head back down there for the next event (I’m eyeing the Purple Rain Sing-along and Reel Paris: Short Films in the City of Light).

The hip, young downtown cousin of the UES institution, 92YTRI is a welcome breath of fresh air to the lecture/performance/comedy/music/theater/class scene. And, as they would say at the uptown branch, L’Chaim!


2 responses to “92 Y Heads Downtown

  1. Uptown/Downtown

    yo. Good to know. Yet another NYC destination with interesting events to fill our already busy calendars. Just part of the charm of living here, when one can afford it…

    What was the crowd like? Remember the time we went to the lecture by the folks from the NY Times Op-Ed pages? And then there was the presentation by book editors? Seems like there’s always someone in the audience who confused their seat with the podium. Guess people just yearn to be heard… there’s a theme here.

  2. The crowd was young, mostly college-age and a little older — for once I was NOT the youngest person in the room. Great crowd, good questions, amazing energy and applause. It helped that the event has a huge fan following between the [TOS] guys and Ira Glass.

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