How New Yorkers Have Halloween

If you are lucky enough to live in a building that indulges in the candy-fest, great. If you are lucky enough to be invited to someone else’s building where children are indulged in the evening of free-treats equally great. Alternatively, there are some streets throughout the City where door-to-door trick or treating is the norm.

DT  gets the prize for most crowded with the annual Village Halloween Parade ( where A LOT of costumed New Yorkers of a certain age follow a route up Sixth Avenue from Spring Street to 21st Street.img_24142

Revelers, young and old, dress up throughout the day. I spotted a middle aged woman on the UWS early in the day. She wore black and orange striped tights beneath her black skirt and jacket and had an orange braid made of yarn with a teeny tiny withches hat atop her head. Silly but spirited. Subways were filled with adult sized gobelins and young princesses by 5pm. 

We’ve been invited to an upper west side haunt for three years straight. The Ansonia, as is the case with many buildings, prepares a list for trick-or-treaters with the apartment numbers of residents who give out goodies. The Beaux Arts former home to Babe Ruth, Arturo Toscanini and Plato’s Retreat is historic and great fun for this old mom and my husband/dad to visit. img_2421

The kids run from one apartment to the next, floor to floor, grabbing as much candy as they can. It’s not different from walking along a dark street and whereas neighbors may not have exchanged niceties in the past, parents acknowledge each other and kids get a chance to practice their thank yous. 

This year we had an extra bonus because there was an apartment in the building that was recently gutted and was used for a halloween party the night before. Spooky but stunning all at once, with views North, East and West, the space was a treat for all eyes, young and old. Trick or treat?ansonia_new_york_simon_fieldhouseimg_2427img_2424


2 responses to “How New Yorkers Have Halloween

  1. Totally missed this post the first time!

    Yup, my apartment is smack in the middle of the heart of the parade. A parade I’ve been going to every year for 21 years now.

    This year however, a got a surprise, as I was headed downstairs to watch the parade, trick-or-treaters hit me up at my door (this has NEVER happened before!) and the only thing I had to give them was a Ricola cough drop each and a few sticks of my friend’s gum. I’m lucky my door didn’t get egged!

  2. Ironically, my old apartment was near the Ansonia and I walked by there every day. But during Halloween, it was my uptown ritual to pass The Dakota and hum the theme song from Rosemary’s Baby.

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