What Color is the Empire State Building?

Uptown is out of town but en route to VA from NY on Thursday evening, we turned to bid farewell to our adopted city and admire the Manhattan skyline from the Great Grey Bridge. Red, white and blue lighting atop the Empire State Building (ESB) caught our eye and we guessed the patriotic palette was in recognition of our athletes abroad.

Sure enough, this week and next, the Empire State Building (ESB) shines the flag colors of the top 66 countries competing in the games, based on the number of athletes attending from each country.

For the first time ever, the monument split the tower’s sides into separate colors and is lighting each of the four sides of its famed tower—north, south, east and west—in the colors of the participating countries’ flags.

Thursday night the monument shined bright in recognition of the United States and Chinese flags with red, white and blue on the North and South sides and red, yellow and red on the East and West sides.

The ESB lighting schedule can be accessed by linking here:http://www.esbnyc.com/tourism/tourism_lightingschedule.cfm

Colors are listed from bottom to top as they appear from the street.

If you happen catch a glimpse, here’s what you’ll see tonight:

North side: Czech Republic

West side: Russia

South side: Italy

East side: Nigeria

One response to “What Color is the Empire State Building?

  1. It would be appropriate that Italy is facing south … towards Little Italy.


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