Mr. Softee does Mid-town

Had to chuckle on Thursday as I did my banking at the lavish Citibank branch on the SE corner of Fifth Avenue at 60th Street. First, it was funny to me to hear Debbie Harry singing her 1979 hit, “Dreaming” in the confines of the lushly carpeted, rococo style bank branch across the street from The Plaza in all of her splendor. The song is nearly 30 years old, older than DT, and the tune brings me back to my days as a summer camp counselor in Maine, many moons apart from my UT life as a mother, wife, working girl.

Smiling I was as I stepped out onto the pedestrian lined sidewalk only to find Mr. Softee parked on the same corner selling his treats to a pair of middle aged women. This is summer in the City, 2008 style. Blondie meets Mr. Softee. I wonder who came first? xo

One response to “Mr. Softee does Mid-town

  1. Remind me to tell you my Debbie Harry story one day. It’s a fun one.

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