Daily Archives: May 14, 2008

Good News

first we received a letter from a NYC tutoring service to say they’d have “homework”helpers in the Hamptons (or Aspen or whrever you’d be willing to send the super smarty pants) and now there’s this:

FreshDirect Hamptons delivery returns for the summer! what more could an uptown girl wish for especially when over a million people may have been killed in Myanmar and the earthquake in China stirs up questions of relief effort motivations…

Don’t waste time at the grocery store when you could be at the beach. Shop FreshDirect today for delivery Thursdays through Saturdays.

We make it easy to stock up on fresh foods, easy meals, household supplies and cases of cool beverages. Plan your annual party with our expertly prepared Catering platters. When the mood to grill strikes, try our chef-prepared marinated meats and seafood. Hamptons customers can save 20% off surf & turf! (Details below.)

This year, delivery has been extended through September (Friday only after Labor Day). Your Unlimited DeliveryPass benefits apply to Hamptons deliveries, too! Not an Unlimited DeliveryPass member? Click here.

Place your order for the Hamptons today!
Click here for delivery info.