Lilac Season

Can you smell it? Past the garbage, grit, perfume and people, the air is filled with the fragrance of lilacs at almost every flower stall you pass. It’s the beginning of lilac season in New York. This is my favorite time of spring, as the buds peek through the tree branches, dogwoods emerge in Central Park, people linger outside later and those beautiful wild-looking purple branches beg to be rescued from their buckets. I love flowers, but don’t typically spend the money on them, that is, until the lilacs are in bloom. Then, I buy bunches weekly, during their brief season.

Lilacs greet me every morning from the bud vase on my nightstand, on my living room coffee table and again, in an antique vase on my kitchen table. Even when they begin to die, the delicate little flowers fall softly, flecks of purple dotting the table. Fallen blooms can be picked up with the sweep a finger. Even now as I inhale, the light sweet fragrance reminds me the promise of summer and endless days spent outdoors, surrounded by flowers of all kinds, aren’t too far behind.

— Downtown

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