ut crosses town

familyless due to spring break and a strong dislike for the cold, I met a friend this eve at the Mandarin Oriental, 35th floor. It was a lovely evening, crisp and clear with the full moon shining bright over the park. Post drinks I headed to Whole Foods for a look-see only to find lines and lines of patrons waiting to make their purchase. It reminded me of Russian food lines, not that I ever saw any, but go figure, 8:30p on a Friday night and the place was packed. I exited sans purchase and headed up to Borders to search for a magazine that has a short q&a with our author of the moment. I was stopped by a women who after so many words asked me if I know any single men and if I don’t, perhaps my husband does. That was enough to send me home… I didn’t pity her but wondered where these people (the food shoppers and single souls) come from and why are they hanging out in the Time Warner Building. Rather than walk across 57th street back to my side of town, I hopped in a yellow cab, grateful (yet again) for my beautiful life (with and without-for the moment-my family). sheesh.


One response to “ut crosses town

  1. Ha! Are you sure that wasn’t me asking about the single men? 🙂

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