DT meets UT Midtown


Thanks for joining me last night at The Times Center http://curbed.com/archives/2007/12/06/renzo_piano_plays_it_soft_at_the_times_center.php

for TimesTalks – Streets of New York: Writers Covering the City. The commentary was generous: to write a compelling story, the goal shouldn’t just be to entertain but to tell the reader something about the city, to find the universal in the local and hope for one of two reactions:

1. I didn’t know that and/or 2. I never thought of it that way

Make it vivid – there’s much more but a propos of that, I wanted to share three woo woo things that have happened to me already today:

While I waited for coffee in my local, not greek, not starbucks UES joint, I saw the aunt, visiting from FL, of a dear friend and, shortly thereafter, a woman with whom I grew up. Does this make me a local? bumping into people I “know?” I meandered over to the Regency to speak with R about KV’s photograph that has yet to be hung. I couldn’t help but grasp the array of Spitzer scandal headlines (R was welcoming and discreet as always, most of the power breakfasters had moved on to make today’s millions) and even more strange, while working on my “wrap-up” on Obama’s success in M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I and reading about the Freedom Summer (efforts to register black voters in 1964), I received a phone call from mississippi (saks credit department, ok, ok, i’ll pay up). I don’t think I’ve ever recd a call from that state.

woo woo from you know who(m).


One response to “DT meets UT Midtown

  1. So I knew the “tell the reader about the city part.” And I assumed the universal in the local, because a teacher once told me that the proper ending should take things to a “universal level.” What I did learn was the whole debriefing someone. It never occurred to ask me how they felt about a particular incident, only about it in the most general sense. I also liked the comment, “make it vivid by using all of your senses.” I’m definitely guilty of forgetting to do that. And I don’t know who said it, but I liked the comment on NY having the “rapidity of change,” and that columnists witness and explain this change to the public. I really liked that comment, there was something both passionate and “newsy” about it at the same time.

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