Big Buck Hunter Pro

The football team gathered this eve at Brother Jimmy’s UES bbq to celebrate the season’s end. Suffice it to say, I felt like I was walking in my old shoes or might have been better off in your, younger, shoes. Picture this: UES 2nd ave restaurant where the demographic seemed to be single 20somethings drinking the night away. The younger boys were tucked away in a separate room, off the bar area, and from what I could surmise seemed to have fun. I took advantage of not having a seat with the adults to indulge myself in the surroundings and sat overlooking second avenue, watching as day turned to night thanks to daylight savings, and a foursome of cute ok, handsome 25ish looking guys. I have to say, it’s weird being old enough to be their mothers considering that they are closer in age to my fourteen year old and in fact, the ten year old, than to me. Nevertheless, upon enough intake, red and white checkered tablecloths, christmas bulbs strung carefully between lit piggies along the ceiling, I turned to find my boy excused from the table and in the next room standing with some of his “teammates” by the bar. The boys were playing Big Buck Hunter Pro. bbhproover.jpgTwo “hunters” grab plastic shotguns, one orange, the other green, and fire away (“pump to reload after every shot”) at animated deer, elk and wild turkeys. When an animal is hit, they fall to the ground. The boys repeated exclaimed, “you shot a cow,” as indicated by the text on the screen. Little did they know that the cow referred to the female elk they’d smashed to smithereens, not Elsie’s sister. Ok, so it’s hunting, killing. Is it that different from pacman or ms. pacman gobbling up other pacmen? uh. yes. guns. animals.

elkcow.jpgI stood with my boy who watched by the wayside. When he’d had enough, we settled up and headed home in a yellow cab. I reminded him of his research paper and presentation last year on cruelty to animals. He remembered well.

Another tidbit that caught me by surprise, “swamp water.” The drink menu offers, in addition to PBR, Budweiser, Blue Moon and Stella beer, a handful of special drinks. You, too, can indulge in a 64oz fishbowl filled with melon liquor, cointreau, grenadine, vodka and sprite. Replete with ten pink, orange and green 18″ straws, I got a headache just looking at it.

One of the very nice waitresses, they really were nice (zero attitude), told me that the 20something, mostly white crowd was the usual one. The place is full for most of the day on Sundays and people don’t stay late because they have to get up in the morning. Other nights are busy, same crowd, mostly neighborhood types.

If ever you are in the mood for bbq, hunting and swamp water, come on up to brother jimmy’s y’all. You won’t be disappointed in the scenery, the food leaves something to be desired.

and ps. dt, pls refresh my shrinking brain as to how to get the images to sit within the text, eliminating the white surround… your elderly writing partner. xo

One response to “Big Buck Hunter Pro

  1. Just a note on this one. I am a closet fan of Big Buck Hunter. There’s something exhilarating about killing arcade deer with a plastic gun. You have to wait, keep your hands steady, stand firm and tall, aim on target and hit them from (seemingly) out of nowhere. It’s a crazy feeling. Perhaps it has something to do with being a descendant of hicks and hunters. Ironically enough, I had a conversation about this with some friends who confessed to similar feelings. Then, I went to the play Hunting & Gathering at Primary Stages and there was actually an entire monologue about 20-something women and this game! I really should have done a post about Hunting and Gathering, but I think Emily had a very similar experience seeing this play, so consider hers the post I never wrote.

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