Daily Archives: March 9, 2008

Spring Forward

Downtown, forsythia in bloom

The forsythia are just about in bloom as noted in crosstown cab ride across the Park yesterday. I never appreciated them as a kid growing up in the suburbs of NYC. But seeing them yesterday reminded me of my sometimes kooky, but wonderful, mom who always lit up when her yellow blooms began to pop. Seeing the branches in transition made me smile. Spring just might be upon us… one can only hope. xo forsythia in bloom

Just Another Super-dee-duper UES Sunday

hi Downtown,

Stayed uptown and could do nothing but Seize the Sunday. The UES mom’s tasks at hand today had to do with shuttling one child here, the other there. The division of labor is generally shared amongst the co-parents but the dad is en route to Calgary. Actually, he’s arrived, longer to fly to the far end of Canada from NY than to Europe. I’m not complaining, though, because he travels less than he did when we lived on the left coast.

First stop: 98th and Fifth Avenue where a vacant frozen mud field indicated either a. we had the time wrong or b. we weren’t in the right place. B. So, checking the designation for football practice, the 10-yr old and I hopped in a cab and rode to 97th betw First and Second Aves. Our driver, Krami, was from Guinea. Dressed in a knit rainbow striped hat with ear flaps and a more than complimentary colored tourquoise paisley shirt, he made my day. He’s been in the US for 14 years, finds NYers in general, to be greedy, always wanting more, working hard without time to enjoy the good. Hmmm. Sound like anyone familiar. When Krami isn’t working he likes to go to restaurants, dance, smile. As we approached our designation, he asked (with the hope that we would reply in the negative) if we were going to the hospital which is on the opposite side of the ftball field. Negatory, of course. he smiled. We parted ways. He truly made my day.

The boys practiced, I sat in the bright sun beneath the crisp blue sky, and although I had my NYTimes; mag, styles and business sections, i did nothing but relax and chat with one of the other adults who’d arrived to cheer on her charge. Between practice and the last game of the season, I dragged the 10 yr old to Barnes and Noble on 86th betw 2nd and 3rd to pick up three books in appreciation of the three coaches efforts. The store didn’t have Michael Lewis’ Coach but did have John Wooden‘s inspirational narrative about the tenets and teachings as a coach for UCLA’s basketball team. The kid wasn’t happy about the foray. Nonetheless, we returned after our break to the field, the 11 football team-mates signed all three book, they played, they one. My fingers froze. The coaches sons handed their dads the books. The guys were great, giving of their time, support, etc. We’ll see them again shortly for dinner.

Meanwhile, zipped home to deliver the boy, pick-up the girl for another ues outing, this time to a residence to help make jewelry and stuff envelopes for an upcoming Susan G. Komen event, tickled pink. Our service was done and we headed to the apple store on Fifth Avenue. Sheesh. Does anyone besides me go there and consider the fire hazard possibilities? The place was PACKED. It’s a gorgeous day, the tourists are out in full force and everyone was buying stuff. Despite the rumor that the serpentine lines that well exceed the rope formations moves quickly, ie “you’ll be through in four minutes,” I always feel a sense of gratitude when I track down someone with one of the handhelds to take our cc information and permit us to skedaddle. We were fortunate – maybe the handhelds are designated for people over 45 bc this one would rather walk away empty handed than wait. Each time I descend into the bowels of the place, I giggle inside because when I first arrived in the City, 18 mos ago, I’d visit the apple store weekly and attend workshops on iweb, iphoto, etc Anything i could learn to use my groovy new laptop. I switched from a PC to a mac when we headed east. The joy of the apple experience is long gone.

Whew. Taking in the fresh air, heading north on fifth avenue, stepping quickly past the many tourists, we reached the Pierre. Turned east only to pass a black hummer limo with a sign in the window that read, “Saudi Petroleum Inc, Eilat limo.” Ok, so no paradox with Saudi Petroleum hiring a hummer but there is something odd about Eilat limo driving the Saudis around. Eilat is Israel’s southern most city…

Time for dinner on 72nd street with 40 supportive parents and their football playing boys. ciao.