Geisha Gossip

hey DT,

I spent the day “working” in your part of town, on Union Square, jurying a selection of young activists. Impressive group overall.

The husband and I had dinner at Geisha this eve, easy saunter across the street amidst the downpour. We ate upstairs, he hadn’t been there but knows well the story of the 14-year old’s birthday party there earlier this year, replete with tatami room, henna artist and interaction with sushi chef who had a cameo role on gossip girl when it was filmed there last year…

The scene is funny. Most people are of a certain age, the “couple” of young”ish” women to our north spoke of their hampton’s rentals, interviewing for jobs at law-firms and not liking scallops, all the while I was eating scallops. They scooped their soup toward themselves. And the husband told me that my expectations are too high… this wasn’t in response to my lack of etiquette observations but because of my rants on the following:

upper east side pediatrician who 1. suggests that the 14 year old NOT become a doctor and 2. gives the girl a breast self-exam without any introduction, explanation or consideration

relocating to nyc without comparable living standards. Hard for me to fathom recruiting professionals and asking them to sacrifice one lifestyle for a lesser one, all in the interest of “community service.” sorry. I’m an ingrate. And I’m not really talking about our situation. I’m a bit homesick for the left coast, friends, garden, roses, yoga and all. Can’t help it. I’m referring, though, to situations that don’t really affect me. I should focus on my own stuff.

and then the dr asks why I get worked up – esp since the 14 yr old pointed out that what the dr. didn’t do doesn’t matter because she only has to see her once a year. AND of course, it behooves a mother to teach her child about good health. You’d think the dr. father would share the concept.

I’m staying uptown for the weekend. Hope you and the doggie are well. xo Ms.Justice

One response to “Geisha Gossip

  1. It’s funny because I’ve been very “friend sick” lately for my two closest friends who are out west. They are like my sisters and I miss them both dearly. Having played phone tag with them for the past three weeks, it only makes it worse that I haven’t heard their stories or their laughter at the other end of the line. Which leads me to my monthly ritual of checking the JetBlue website in hopes of a miraculous fare decrease and a dreamy desire to keep a packed overnight bag by my front door …

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