and another thing, on Parenting Teens, this just in…maybe I…

Ueban Baby

Following is a second and final set of answers from Erin Sheehan, the community editor for UrbanBaby, who took questions from readers this week about parenting in New York City and other urban areas. A previous set of answers was posted on Feb. 13.

All of these questions bring back a lot of memories. But as a mother of a 15-year-old, I’d love to see a blog or column address raising teenagers in the city — limits, money, friends, Internet access – all the good stuff. New York Times, take me up on this!


Your sentiments echo some of UrbanBaby’s message board users. We have users of all ages and in different life stages. Some join the community because they are still interested in connecting with other mothers on issues that all women continue to face regardless of the ages of their children. We’ve even had members admit that they do not have children, but they continue to tap into the UrbanBaby community for advice, support, entertainment and the sharing of life experience. After a quick search, I found numerous blogs dedicated to parents raising teenagers, but I was not able to find one specifically for New York City moms. Perhaps you have thought about staring one yourself?


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  1. Maybe you should …

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