Post V-Day Wrap Up


Cupcakes must be the new chocolate, as I too went cupcake crazy this VDay and decided on making Magnolia Bakery cupcakes at 3 am, thank you, insomnia. Never mind that I live blocks away from the actual bakery itself, I was dead set on spending the two hours to create them from scratch. And who did I make said cupcakes for? Myself and five female friends. Another Valentine’s Day spent with friends, cupcakes and chick flicks. Fun, yes, but do I want to do it again next year? No.
Yes, New York is a big city — and one that never sleeps — but at 3 am it does feel lonely when you’re in your apartment, waiting for two dozen cupcakes to bake, staring at the empty chair at your table for two and wondering why even your $2200 rent reminds you of “pairs.” After two hours of mixing, baking, icing and contemplating, I finally went to sleep, alone, in my double bed.


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